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The Modulation effect creates vibrato and tremolo type effects and more.  It works by having a filter or other type of effect modulated by an LFO (low frequency oscillator).

Effect Variation - The type of modulation.  Amplitude, pan, frequency, low pass filter (-24, -18, -12, -6 dB per octave ladder filter), high pass filter, band pass filter, notch filter and comb filter.

Invert Waveform - Inverts the waveform.

Waveform Type - The type of waveform.

Waveform Shape - The shape of the waveform.

Waveform Phase - The phase of the waveform.  Available in the multitrack editor only.  Note: LFO Sync must be enabled.

LFO Rate - The speed the effect is modulated.

LFO Sync - Synchronizes the LFO with the tempo.  Available in the multitrack editor only.

LFO Depth - The amount the effect is modulated.

Filter Frequency - The filter's cutoff frequency.

Filter Resonance - The amount of filter resonance (feedback).  For the notch filter, it controls the bandwidth.

Filter Overload - The amount the filter is overdriven.