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The Distortion/Overdrive effect can do everything from tape saturation, to vacuum tube type overdrive, to transistor type hard clipping distortion.

Effect Variation - The type of distortion.  Overdrive, Distortion, Saturation, Foldback, Flipover, Wraparound and Exponential.

Input Gain - The amount of gain applied to the input signal.  The LED shows when it is over 0 dB.

Shape - The amount the signal is distorted.  The Input Gain also effects the amount of distortion.  Note: the name changes depending on the type of distortion.

Bias - The distortion symmetry.  For symmetrical (odd harmonics only) or asymmetrical distortion.

EQ - The amount of boost or cut to the low, mid and high frequency bands.

Cabinet Resonance - The amount of cabinet resonance.

Cabinet On/Off - Switches the cabinet simulator on or off.

Cabinet Size - The size of the cabinet.

Output Gain - The amount of gain applied to the output signal.  The LED shows when it's over 0 dB.