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Stereo Delay

The Stereo Delay creates echo effects by mixing the original signal with two delayed signals (left and right).  It can add depth to the stereo image by having slightly different delays for the left and right signals or by inverting the feedback of one of the signals.  It also has cross feedback for ping-pong effects.

Delay Unit - Sets the delay to be in milliseconds or steps.  Available in the multitrack editor only.

Step Length - Sets the delay steps to 1/16 or 1/8T of a note.  Eighth triplet is the equivalent of 1/12 of a note.  Available in the multitrack editor only.

Input Left Cross Feedback - Combines the left and right input signals and sends them to the left input of the delay and enables cross feedback.  Cross feedback is when the left output is fed back into the right input and vice versa (sometimes called a Ping-Pong delay).

Input Right Cross Feedback - Same as above.  If both the left and the right are selected, the inputs are swapped.

Delay - The amount of time the signal is delayed.

Feedback - The amount of the output signal that is fed back into the input.  Negative numbers invert the feedback signal.

Damp Low Freqs. - The amount that the feedback signal is high pass filtered.

Damp High Freqs. - The amount that the feedback signal is low pass filtered.

Stereo Spread - The width of the stereo image.  Negative numbers swap the left and right outputs.

Dry/Wet - The balance between the dry and wet signals.