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Modulated Delay

The Modulated Delay creates echo effects by mixing the original signal with a delayed signal modulated by an LFO (low frequency oscillator).  Modulation adds depth to the stereo image and gives it a slight chorus effect.

Effect Variation - 1. Has a rate and a phase control.  2. Has left and right rate controls.

Delay Unit - Sets the delay to be in milliseconds or steps.  Available in the multitrack editor only.

Step Length - Sets the delay steps to 1/16 or 1/8T of a note.  Eighth triplet is the equivalent of 1/12 of a note.  Available in the multitrack editor only.

Mono/Stereo - Sets the delay to operate in mono (mixes the left and right input signals) or stereo.

Delay - The amount of time the signal is delayed.

Feedback - The amount of the output signal that is fed back into the input.  Negative numbers invert the feedback signal.

Damp Low Freqs. - The amount that the feedback signal is high pass filtered.

Damp High Freqs. - The amount that the feedback signal is low pass filtered.

LFO Rate - The speed the delay is modulated.

LFO Sync - Synchronizes the LFO with the tempo.  Available in the multitrack editor only.

LFO Depth - The amount the delay is modulated.

LFO Phase - The phase difference between the left and right LFOs.  90 degrees is common for a stereo effect.

Stereo Spread - The width of the stereo image.  Negative numbers swap the left and right outputs.

Dry/Wet - The balance between the dry and wet signals.