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The Chorus effect makes a single instrument sound like multiple instruments.  It works by mixing the original signal with two signals that are delayed and modulated by an LFO (low frequency oscillator).

Delay - The amount of time the signal is delayed.

LFO Rate - The speed the delay is modulated.

LFO Depth - The amount the delay is modulated.

Stereo Spread - The width of the stereo image.  Negative numbers swap the left and right outputs.

Dry/Wet - The balance between the dry and wet signals.


This gives you a thicker sounding chorus then the Chorus/Flanger because it uses two modulated audio signals instead of one.

For a natural sound, the higher the LFO Rate, the lower the LFO Depth, and vice versa.

It also works good with the wet signal only (Delay = 0, Dry/Wet = 127).