Sound Sculptor Pro is a high quality audio editing software program for the Macintosh that's two programs in one, a stereo sound editor and a multitrack recording studio with real time effects.  With the sound editor you can record, cut, copy, paste and add audio effects.  With the multitrack editor you can record tracks, mix, master and add realtime audio effects.

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Sound Editor
• Easy to use interface
• Dozens of high quality sound effects
• High quality resampler
• Supports AIFF and WAVE file formats
• Supports 8, 16, 24 bit integer and 32 bit floating point file types

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Multitrack Editor
• Very low CPU usage
• 99 tracks
• Real time effects
• 5 master insert effects
• 5 send effects
• 5 track insert effects for each track
• Bass & treble controls for each track
• Automation for volume and pan
• Automation for filter cutoff and resonance
• Supports AIFF and WAVE file formats
• Supports 8, 16, 24 bit integer and 32 bit floating point file types

High Quality Effects
No need to buy plug-ins, Sound Sculptor Pro has some of the highest quality effects available built right into the program.  From the natural sounding Reverb, to the level squashing Look Ahead Limiter, there is over 25 effects to choose from.  The same effects work with the audio editor and the multitrack editor.

High Quality Resampler
With the Resampler, you can resample to almost any sample rate with virtually no alias distortion or noise (see graph).  You can also use it as a filter with a very steep slope.

See comparison here.

Changes for 3.1.1 - 12/04/13
• Lots of bug fixes.
• A complete list is available here.

Minimum requirements - Mac OS X 10.4, Intel or PPC Mac.

Registration is $30.00 or $20.00 upgrade from Sound Sculptor II.  Registration is required to enable the save command.

Updated - December 5 2013

•  Amplify
•  Chorus
•  Chorus/Flanger
•  Compressor
•  Delay
•  Delay LCR
•  Modulated Delay
•  Multi-Tap Delay
•  Stereo Delay
•  Distortion/Overdrive
•  Envelope Follower•  Erase
•  Exciter
•  Expander
•  Fade In/Out
•  Filter
•  Invert
•  Limiter
•  Lo-Fi
•  Modulation
•  Normalize
•  Phaser
•  Pitch
•  Remove DC
•  Resample
•  Reverb
•  Reverse
•  Signal Generator
•  Soft Clipper